Storm damage

09 March 2023

Removal of wind blown trees, dead wood and damaged branches to alleviate risk to properties and people.

Storm damage

With the regularity of UK storms seemingly on the increase, it is important to ensure the trees on your property are in a good condition to withstand the strong winds and heavy rain that the British weather frequently throws at us. It is a good idea to get a qualified arborist to check your trees if you are in any way concerned about their health or structural integrity.

In a lot of cases a bit of remedial pruning can alleviate the stresses acting upon the tree during storm events. We can identify potential problems and weak points in your trees and advise you on possible pruning solutions to help preserve the tree for future generations to appreciate.

In some cases pruning is not enough and removal of the tree might be the more viable option. We can also help with the supply or planting of a suitable replacement tree if this is the case. It's not always easy to predict whether a certain tree may be at risk of failure, particularly from a visual inspection from the ground as there may be internal rot in the trunk or roots of the tree that cannot be seen without excavation or scanning using specialist equipment.

If you do have a tree that has failed in any way then please get in touch. We can come and assess the situation and provide you with a quote for the safe and complete tidy up of the fallen tree, or broken branch as soon as possible.

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